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Whole grain bread

Green onions

Italian parsley


Fresh basil






Store these items in separate containers/bags in the freezer.     

Leave a few defrosted in the refrigerator for easy use.

This is an important hack for easy cooking.  Always keep some of these ingredients around.  This takes planning out of healthy cooking, so you can cook on the fly and be spontaneous.  This list is carefully chosen because each item can complement and enhance hundreds of dishes.

Dr. Bai's Pantry

Veggies, Fruits & Soups
Healthy Protein
Healthy Carbs
Canned Chickpeas and Beans

These are great with high fiber and high protein. Keeping you full longer with less calories. 

They add substance to your dishes, such as salads, sautés, soups, wraps, pastas, rice dishes, etc.  Canned chickpeas and beans are easy and ready to use. Organic ones do not contain Calcium Chloride used to harden them, so the beans are a little softer.  You can make your own batch from scratch as well and freeze them in separate containers.

Canned Chickpeas and Beans.jpeg
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