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Unlock the secrets to healthy eating and long-lasting weight loss

Successfully changed the lives of many!

What is healthy eating?

How to eat healthy?

Dr. Bai Smart Cooking™ System

  • Healthy cooking is FUN and spontaneous

  • You can CREATE thousands of QUICK recipes, with 

       a few clicks.  No meal prep.  No stress.

  • The Smart Cooking Recipes you create are engineered to be the healthiest versions possible. Nutritionist approved!!

  • Smart algorithms make healthy EASY for busy people

  • AFFORDABLE.  Buy your own FRESH ingredients

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Support each other
on this journey to health

Woman in Corn Field
Unlock the secrets of health

Accumulate KEY points through accumulating health & nutrition knowledge 

Win a gold key

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Family Cooking
Woman Cutting Vegetables
Home Cook
Young Man Cooking

Dr Bai  Cooking Club

Share our love of eating

Get Inspired with other health conscious friends

Cooking with Dr. Bai

Fun interactive cooking with Dr. Bai 

Health and nutrition Q&A

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Woman Working Out
Keep moving made easy

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

15 minutes a day does MAGIC for the body

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Knowledge is power!  

Understand the truth about food and body


Dr. Bai Sauces and Spices

  • Specially designed for VEGGIES and healthy foods

  • Delicious flavors -- kids approved! 

  • Simple ingredients -- Moms approved!

  • Minimal calories, fat, salt, and sugar -- Doctors approved!

  • Our sauces/spices contain all the salt, pepper, and spices ready for ONE-STEP cooking.

  • Just choose any flavor your heart desires.  Mix & Match for 65 different flavors.

Ombré Food Chart™

  • Easily understand what's healthy to eat

  • Incorporating all current nutritional science in one     simple chart

Eat to optimize your metabolic hormones

  • Control your hunger and metabolic hormones

  • Lose weight forever

Fiber First Diet™

  • The foundation of all modern popular diets

  • No food exclusion.  No calorie counting

  • Learn the most physiologic diet to a better health and long-lasting weight loss

  • Double your own body-specific probiotics

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